The Amends, Biography

The genesis of The Amends took place in January, 2010 in the town of Boulder, within the state of Colorado. Their debut album which was self-titled sparked various responses; one such response was from Gas Lantern Media where they wondered who exactly the group was. Their new take on music brought forth melodies that were a fusion of classic rock, blues-like grooves and not to mention indie rock. Despite the new twist the melodies still bred a sense of familiarity while still maintaining its catchiness.

In the period of 2011 leading up to that of 2012, The Amends began to exhibit significant growth within the Denver Indie scene. One can say that this was seen when they bettered themselves while still maintaining their versatility and uniqueness.

amends-35During their 3rd year anniversary they released their second album entitled What We Could Be. As expected the album elicited various remarks from all over. Team Hellions remarked that the album title was a perfect fit for it gave one a vast array of possibilities which all gave rise to enjoyable results. They also said that it was definitely an album worth putting on replay. Through all this The Amends began to take root and eventually found their place in the music scene. Their function received various perceptions Pull The Plug for one remarked that the album made on want to get their groove on, dance and jump to the extent of possibly removing one’s shirt. Words….Music also furthered this by saying that The Amends’ music enabled one to feel as if they were everlasting that is live forever.

In the spring of 2013 the band planned to hold a tour which they would show case their work as well as give them an opportunity to meet and interact with their fans from all over. One of the dates they planing to be February 14 because this day is special and an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. So if you don’t have Valentines day ideas you can check out our site for the information about the tour. 

What We Could Be